The Making of Taking Center Stage

In this four-part series, Hudson Music’s lead editor and co-producer of Taking Center Stage, Joe Bergamini, shares his personal insights and experiences from the process of planning and filming this unprecedented work.


Part 1: The Beginnings of an Idea

As I walked up the steps to the restaurant, I glanced over toward the parking lot, and it looked empty. I assumed the Ghost Rider had gone, and was speeding over some distant highway back toward the Pacific Ocean.

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Part 2: Coming to an Accord, Production Begins

The months came and went, our lives went on, Hudson put out a bunch of other products, and then suddenly, just as I began to assume this whole Neil project was probably never going to happen, Paul and Rob notified me that Neil was coming to New York to play in a Buddy Rich tribute concert, and that he would make time to meet us for breakfast.

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Part 3: Death Valley - The Project Takes on Meaning

By this point in the development and production process, all of us knew that we had something very special. Yet despite the fact that we had filmed rehearsals and demonstrations of the drum parts, the backstage scene, and all of the song performances, there was still something missing.

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Part 4: Post-Production & Conclusions

Well, after the brief encounter of the next morning which I described at the beginning of the story, we had pretty much reached the end of the exciting stuff. Neil went back out on tour with Rush, and I delved into the post-production process with our longtime editor Phil Fallo and veteran sound engineer Sean McClintock, both of whom put in countless hours on this project.

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