About Taking Center Stage

The most in-depth insight into Neil’s body of work ever documented.

A new DVD from Hudson Music & Neil Peart, featuring breakdowns, demonstrations & performances of classic drum parts from songs spanning the entire Rush catalog.

Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance features:

  • Neil’s personal drum rehearsals
  • Set-up and soundcheck footage
  • Backstage interview as Neil warms up for a Rush concert
  • Detailed discussion of classic Rush drum parts, with slow-motion, drums-only demonstrations and e-Book with transcriptions
  • Live, drum-camera performances of every song on the Time Machine tour
  • One-hour interview, explanation, and demonstration of new Rush song, “Caravan”
  • Over 7 hours of footage

For the first time ever, a full Rush concert shot from the drum cameras only, immersing the viewer in Neil’s incredible performances of every song on the Time Machine tour!

Simply put, this DVD is a must-have for Neil Peart and Rush fans, other musicians, or anyone interested in a collection of insights on live performance, beautifully shot and eloquently delivered.

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